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IMPLEMENTED PROJECTS > Rural Cooperative Strategies and Pilot Demonstrations

Project Description

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  • Country – Russian Federation
  • Donor - TACIS
  • Duration – 36  months
  • Status – completed

Tacis funded project to promote the start-up of rural savings and credit co-operatives in selected oblasts of Russia. Support and advise the MoAF in developing and expanding the legal basis and organisational and economic strategies to promote farm credit through credit co-operatives. Assistance and training to staff of relevant institutions in providing adequate services to rural credit co-operatives. Development of a national rural credit co-operatives' network.

The project has achieve tangible and sustainable results:
  • 70 new credit co-operatives have been founded;
  • three regional co-operatives have been registered;
  • the credit co-operative framework law has been prepared and accepted by the Duma;
  • 3500 members of credit co-operatives have been trained;
  • training centres have been designed and established;
  • a 30 min film on development of credit cooperation in Russia has been made and distributed,
  • a range of instruction guidelines, manuals and books have been elaborated.


Specific activities implemented under the project included:

  • Establishment of credit and saving co-operatives in pilot regions;
  • Support to existing co-operative financial institutions on local and oblast levels (first and second level credit and saving co-operatives);
  • Elaboration and set-up of a functioning auditing system for the credit co-operatives;
  • Assistance to the credit co-operatives in set-up of financial management procedures, including accounting and monitoring of loans;
  • Training of staff of the co-operatives in credit assessment and supervision, processing of loan applications and loan monitoring;
  • Dissemination of the information and experience via mass media, manuals, TV stations, press releases and radio.

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